It will take some time to decide among all these fashion items and it will definitely become your next addiction. This is where you can find creations of Elena Makri Collection as well as renowned high end brands. Elena Makri brand is based on an equation of Greek simplicity and high quality textiles. The collections are both comfortable and ethereal, creating a an elegant resort look, which at the same time adheres to the classical aesthetics of Grecian style.

The details of each garment are created following traditional techniques, by hand, using fabrics and materials of high quality. All clothes and accessories are designed and manufactured in Greece. The boutique captures your attention with airy dresses and caftans, beautiful shoes, unique jewelry with semi-precious stones and exquisite bags. The collection of swimwear and chic cover-ups of La Perla, which you can seek only here, as well as OYE Swimwear and MER’s jewelry.

KALOGERA 19, +30 22890 29145


Its name literally means “Our Lady of the Side Gate” in Greek, as its entrance was found in the side gate of the entrance to the Kastro area.

The lovely church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) Paraportiani is among the most photographed churches not only in Mykonos, but in the whole world. It is located at the entrance of Kastro neighbourhood, right by the sea.

The white-washed building is in fact a complex consisting of five chapels divided into two levels. The five churches were not contructed at once, but gradually along centuries. The oldest church is Agios Anargyros, which was built in late 14th century. The other churches were built in the 16th and the 17th century, while there were renovations till 1920. The church of Agios Efstathios is the centre of this complex, surrounded by the churches of Agios Anargyros, Agios Sozon and Agia Anastasia. On top of these four churches, there is the church of Virgin Mary, which looks like a dome.

Panagia Paraportiani is one of the most characteristic images of Mykonos and it cannot go unnoticed thanks to its dazzling white color and its Cycladic plasticity. Virgin Mary was named Paraportiani after “paraporti”, which is a tiny entrance to the castle, while as for its 300 years old miraculous icon.


Hublot – Pop Art

“A timepiece that brings the avant-garde spirit of the Pop Art movement to life”. This unique piece of art is limited and numbered edition with only 200 pieces worldwide. Much like how Andy Warhol took American popular culture and reinterpreted them into vividly colored paintings, the Pop Art reinterprets Hublot’s signature Big Bang into the most prismatic ladies’ line to date; watches that are as much mechanical marvels as they are pieces of wearable art. Emphasizing the lively colors of the dial, the bezels are skillfully set with baguette cut precious and semi-precious stones, including blue topaz, purple amethyst, pink sapphire and green tsavorite. Ladies please feel free to give in this playful wearable elegance!


1. Nefes Bath & Spa
When the time for luxurious relaxation rolls around, then it is time to turn to the experts. Nefes Spa & Bath, which may also be the reason you will fall in love with MyMall, a new destination that provides various services, is the ideal stop for anti-stress remedies such as calming treatments. It is the perfect spot to indulge the body and the mind and to pamper your senses.
MY MALL, VRISI AREA +30 22890 22967,

2. Zen Spa Mykonos
Zen Spa Mykonos is more than just another beauty destination. Surrender yourself to the experts, who have the experience to fulfill your beauty needs to the maximum. The space is designed according to minimalist Zen principles and comprises two cabins, two nail stands, showers, a waiting and a reception area. Zen Spa is the place to be indulged with boasting facials, body therapies, massages, manicures, pedicures and makeup services.
VOUGLI, +30 22890 28938

3. Zs Golden Spa
ZS Golden Spa is a holistic rejuvenation of body and soul, providing specialized services and personalized treatments. It is the place to enjoy a facial cleaning, hydrating and skin radiance treatments and have the opportunity to feel better with vascular stimulating cures, muscle ache treatment, lipolytic and lympho drainage programs.
ANO MERA +3022890 23501

4. Ma Deva Nidhi
Her real name is Jo Church and she was given the name Nidhi in India. She comes from England but now she lives in Mykonos practicing holistic therapies. Nidhi will initiate you to cthe therapeutic traditions of multiple cultures: reiki, aromatotherapy, massage, acupuncture, yoga and pilates.
+30 22890 23426

5. GT Hair Fashion
The ultimate beauty place. Relax in the hands of the experts and feel the ultimate pampering. The salon team offer high-end beauty services for men and women. Trust their talent, expertise and experience and creativity and let them introduce you to anything that has to do with hair, barbering, manicure, pedicure and professional make up.
ORNOS,+30 22890 26653


The bohemian designer enjoys Mykonos after Paris, India and Paros. If you seek free spirited and romantic woman and girl clothes, this is the place to visit! Her clothes are as free spirited and romantic like her. The beautiful collections combine ease with bohemian chic. Ada’s devoted clientele always find something new in her collection to enhance their wardrobe. And they treasure, the high quality, the texture and panache that they find in her kaftans, dresses, pants, tops, bags and accessories.
RIGA FERRAIOU 4, +30 22890 23047,


Mykonos has been for years one of the most favorite destination of the international gay scene, due to the lack of any kind of prejudice as to the sexual orientation of its visitors. The island honors its visitors with gay-friendly hangouts, where the freedom is absolute. The option vary from romantic piano bars at Little Venice to the most popular hotspots, where the party continues till the early morning hours.

Feel like a star in this theatrical atmosphere, decorated with velver chairs, offering spicy cocktails. Lola Bar is a steady favorite of the gay community. Purple and fuchsia colors are dominant in the interior, while there is a yard with small tables for more relaxed moments.

It is one of the hottest dance clubs in Mykonos. Uplifting sounds mix with mainstream hits with cherished oldies and theme parties are its classic values. The music is almost exclusively electronic dance, the mood exciting and the night always young.

The all time classic hotspot is located close to Paraportiani church, near Mykonos old port. Renowned celebrities have dropped by but this place is exclusive and remains forbidden to paparazzi. The drag shows attract gay and straight crowds, while parties last till the break of dawn.

The romantic piano bar with cabaret show and excellent cocktails, operates more than 30 years in Little Venice. Various pianists and singers will parade during the summer and the show will begin!

This is the most funky bar of Mykonos with pop aesthetics and colorful mottos on the walls, like “free your mind”. Relaxed and unpretentious, it consists of a number of small rooms that communicate and is ideal for your first drink setting of for the big clubs.


The textile of Mykonos is a traditional product that mainly flourished until some decades ago but still continues to distinguish the culture of the island.
Even in the ancient times, weaving was much developed in Mykonos and the nearby island of Delos. Travelers to Mykonos in the 17th and the 18th century speak about its textile production, which was the main occupation of the local women till the middle 20th century. In fact, they were artistic textiles and were awarded in many international contests. They were also sold abroad and used to decorate the royal palace in Athens.
Today you can see many textiles in the gift shops of Mykonos town with beautiful designs on them. Such textiles can also be appreciated in the Folklore Museum in Chora, where there are more than 500 textile designs from the 1970s.


Mykonian louza is one of the tastiest Greek cold cuts. It is characteristic in Cyclades and can be found any time of the year.
It is made of local pork and specifically from the steak from the back of the animal which is wrapped in intestine with salt, pepper, savory, oregano and all spice.

Traditionally, the preparation of louza on Mykonos took place at the end of an elaborate ritual, the annual pig slaughter, a beloved festival on the island. Experienced butchers would take out the fillets for the pigs and rub them with a mixture of coarse sea salt and fine salt. After rinsing, they would dry them and season them with lots of savory and pepper.

Then they would pass the meat through a piece of pork intestine, keep it close with twine top and bottom and dunk each piece once more in brine made from sea water.

Finally they would hang them in an airy spot and let the winds of Mykonos dry the meat. The locals enjoy it raw, but this cold cut keeps on getting a more prestigious spot in salad or sandwiches.