Another famous club that has arrived from London straight to cosmopolitan Mykonos island. Toy room is located in the heart of the most renowned area of the island, Little Venice, in Mykonos town. Here the party stars after midnight! Feel a luxurious, unique experience of entertaining that only Toy room can offer and it will be a night to remember. Designed furnishing and commissioned artworks by Philippe Cardinal, along with the pioneering sound and lighting, compose a cozy and luxury atmosphere ideal for a refreshing cocktail or premium drink from the expert Toy room mixologists. Enjoy! Reservations number: +30 2289026505


protected, Super Paradise beach is not only well-known for the amazing crystal-blue waters and its golden sand, but also synonym to unstoppable parties in Mykonos. At super paradise club the parties are very common and start from the afternoon and continue all night long. Incomparable fun atmosphere, all kind of drinks, colorful cocktails, celebrities, models and jet-setters can be found there. Don’t be surprised if a worldwide celebrity dances right next to you. Get into the Mykonian vibes and feel the real entertainment. Let yourself free in one of the hottest beach clubs in Mykonos and enjoy the days and nights!

Spilia restaurant

At Saint Anna beach, very close to Kalafatis beach, is located the Spilia seaside restaurant, enjoying spectacular view to the endless blue waters of the Aegean sea. Spilia in Greek means cave. The restaurant guarantees outstanding seafood with fine ingredients and only fresh fishes direct from the Mykonian fishermen in a unique rocky environment into a cave in front of the water. The scenery is absolute natural and so romantic, ideal for couples. The signature dish of the restaurant is the amazing lobster pasta, but all the delicacies like oysters, mussels, urchins, and crayfish are exceptional, while the service is superior and the staff extremely polite and helpful. Spilia is a unique place to be that cannot be compared with no other place. Don’t miss it! Reservations number: +30 2289071205


The name of this renowned beach bar- restaurant represents the Greek holidays, as it means sun and sea in Spanish. Located in the edge of one of the largest and prettiest beaches of the island, Kalo Livadi, Solymar is the right place to be during the day to enjoy your bath in a luxury way. Tropical design, excellent tastes, cozy seating areas, comfortable large sunbeds, the blue colors of the mythic Aegean sea and a golden sandy beach are the perfect ingredients for a lifetime experience in Mykonos. Full of world-known and Greek celebrities attend the place every summer to enjoy the “sun and the sea” restaurant, tasting its delicious dishes of the modern Greek cuisine and the colorful signature cocktails. Tasteful flavors, Greek salads with fresh vegetables, fresh fish and lobsters, Argentine beefs, all-time classic pasta and risottos are some of the favorite dishes. After lunch, you can enjoy your drinks and cocktails, while listening the selections of the famous DJs. The party has just started! Reservations number: +30 2289071745

Skoufa gallery

Skoufa gallery was established in 1981 in Athens and after a very successful process opened a second boutique in cosmopolitan island of Mykonos! You can find Skoufa gallery in the centre of Mykonos town, where you can have the opportunity to explore exuberant collections and exceptional objects from renowned and upcoming Greek designers. The purpose of the exhibitions is to travel visitors into a visual path of a summer paradise, reflecting the airy and harmonious atmosphere of the island. Location: 12 Dilou Str. Mykonos town

Sea Satin Market – Caprice

Right under the famous Mykonian windmills, in front of the water and next to the renowned little Venice and Sea Satin Market boosts the best location for lunch or dinner and of course magical romantic sunsets. Harmonically mixing the traditional Mykonian experience with the modern culture, Sea Satin is a Greek-gourmet tavern serving the fresh fish and sea food, like oysters, mussels, clams, scallops, lobsters and shrimps, straight from the Aegean sea, as well as T-bone steak and tenderloin. Greek specialities like taramosalata, fried potatoes and local delicious products are all homemade. Don’t forget to try the famous traditional dessert, called loukoumades, which is fried honey puffs and it is served with honey or delicious ice-cream. Reservations number: +30 2289024676

Scorpios Mykonos One

One of the most chic beach bar restaurants in the island is Scorpios. Located at a magnificent place between the Paraga and Saint Anna beaches, enjoys marvelous sunsets over the rocky cliffs, creating a unique environment of romance. Scorpios is famous for his tasteful dishes and the legendary parties that take place until the early mornings. Whether you wish to taste amazing flavors at the exclusive restaurant or to enjoy signature cocktails, while listening soul and jazz sounds. Here the party starts at sundown with live music or mixed music from famous DJs. The place is carefully- designed with wooden details that match perfectly with minimalism creating an absolutely relaxing atmosphere. Reservations number: +30 2289029250

Skandinavian disco-bar

Skandinavian disco-bar was established in 1978 and from then is leading the nightlife of Mykonos till now. It’s an all-time-classic option for those who seek to have their drink and meet new friends, as a lot of young tourists attend the bar. A variety of fine drinks and cocktails are offered there and in combination with the great music selections by the renowned DJs, create the ideal environment for parties and fun nights. Either you prefer to dance on the dancefloor or drink a fancy cocktail and relax, Skandinavian disco-bar is a great place from the early night until the early morning!

Rien by Penny Vomva

A promising Greek brand for leather colorful bags, classy accessorizes, elegant swimwear and minimal clothes is located in the centre of Mykonos town launched in 2010. The owner and creative director of Lien is Penny Vomva, whose collections are inspired by theatrical, ballet ad volume elements, following the latest trends of fashion, but applying them to her distinctive style. In this boutique you have the opportunity to create your tailor-made bag choosing from a variety of patterns and amazing colors. Totally worth-visiting! Location: 14, Florou Zouganeli Str.

Remezzo bar-restaurant

Remezzo bar-restaurant is a part of history of Mykonos island, as it was established in 1967 in one of the most privileged locations in town, at the entrance of Mykonos town, overlooking the crystal water of Aegean sea, the old harbor and the area of Yalos. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy amazing signature dishes, like seafood, meat, pasta and risottos, while watching the amazing sunsets and listening the lounge music selections of the DJs. As the night falls, the landscape becomes magical and an atmosphere of mystery is all around the place with thousands of sparkling lights surrounding the place. The cuisine is Mediterranean and the food is amazing, as well the service. Remezzo is the perfect meeting place the last 50 years, where you can start your Mykonian nights. Reservations number: +30 2289025700