The Leading Mykonos Luxury Real Estate Brokerage

Welcome to MLV Realty, the leading real estate agency in Mykonos with the most extended luxurious real property and villa portfolio on the island. Our agency offers its high-end exclusive assistance and provides a complete set of real estate services.

Our expertise extends to a wide spectrum of rental options which can provide a dreamy experience to the most demanding customers. MLV Realty has helped hundreds of buyers find their dream villas for sale on the island.

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Throughout all these years, we have accomplished to manage an upscale portfolio of properties for sale in Mykonos chosen through strict criteria. When you connect with MLV you instantly begin exploring exclusive Mykonos properties for sale, exquisite listings, some of the finest residences on the island, from exclusive villas to majestic seafront plots that have been the home of elite world travelers. If you are looking for Mykonos Real Estate, our team of experts are here to help.

Our philosophy revolves around spotless hospitality and top-quality real estate service aiming to create a bespoke experience for travelers, buyers and investors, seeking to own magic piece of Mykonos.

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Our premium Mykonos Villas for sale and rentals are carefully selected abiding by the highest standards of comfort, privacy, and idyllic location, always with a high returning rate for your investment.

The years-long experience in the Tourism Industry and Real Estate in Mykonos along with our ground-breaking ideas and love for Mykonos have enabled us to successfully provide our services to the needs of even the most demanding clients. It is imperative for us to fully grasp the needs and desires of our high-end clientele to assist them in choosing the most appropriate villa in Mykonos.

Top real estate quality service is assured from beginning to end, from your first viewing to the final signature to acquire your very own luxury property in Mykonos. Our on-site real estate team of experts will stand by your side, every step of the way, and will always be on top of the market to find the best properties and deals for you, always be at your complete disposal. Our ultimate goal is for our clients to feel safe, knowing that they are in the right hands to find and own the Mykonos Villa of their dreams.

MLV Realty is pleased to have specially selected the finest villas for sale on the island. Our exclusive portfolio of Mykonos Villas is complemented by our selection of private listings that we are delighted to share with our upscale refined buyers and investors. Properties located within walking distance from the picturesque Mykonos Town, or within a five to ten-minute driving distance from it, as well as high-end villas just a breath away from the Aegean coastline.

Navigate our website to learn more about Mykonos real estate, the firm’s top-quality services and to begin your search for Mykonos luxury real estate. We appreciate your trust in us and our entire team is looking forward to hearing from you.

Connect with us and let us indulge you to the most prestigious and charming properties for sale in Mykonos!

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